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What Causes Your Air Conditioner To Stop Working?

The summer season in Texas hits extreme temperatures every year. Therefore it’s time to check up on your AC unit to get through the sweltering temperatures. Schedule AC maintenance in Cypress, TX, to figure out whether your AC unit is working efficiently or if it’s time for a replacement.

Common Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning System Stops Working:

1. Thermostat Not Working

One of the most common reasons why your AC unit may not be functioning is due to a faulty thermostat unit. If your thermostat device is not displaying the temperature then check the batteries. If your thermostat device is still not working, get it replaced immediately. Consider investing in a smart thermostat device for better control.

2. Blown Fuse
Another common reason why your AC unit may not be working is due to a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is supposed to trip off in cases of high voltage. Give your unit 15-20 minutes before switching on the circuit breaker for it to cool down. In the case of a blown fuse, replace it immediately. We suggest you call an expert for AC maintenance in Cypress, TX, to carry out the process.

3. Age of the Unit
If you encounter a situation where your AC unit suddenly stops running, it may be because its lifetime is over. If you have been using your AC unit over the decade and experience frequent repairs, maybe it’s time for a replacement. Signs that indicate it’s time for an AC replacement in Cypress, TX, are a sudden rise in utility bills, frequent repairs, poor air quality, inefficient cooling, refrigerant leakages, popping noises, foul odor, and much more.

4. Ignoring Maintenance
To keep your AC unit as good as new you must ensure that your AC unit is undergoing frequent maintenance. Frequent maintenance prevents major breakdowns and ensures the optimum performance of our AC unit. Clean the outdoor unit, replace the air filters and coils once every three months to avoid major repairs.

5. Refrigerant Leakages
The refrigerant is responsible to absorb the hot air from the surroundings and release it outside your home. Due to leakages or other problems, the amount of refrigerant decreases causing many issues. In such situations, call a professional immediately and do not delay as refrigerant leakages can cause serious health concerns.

6. Ice Buildup
Ice builds up in the coils of your AC system due to neglect in the maintenance. Poor airflow and ductwork cause the ice to build up damaging the coils. Clean the outdoor and indoor units religiously to avoid such issues.

7. Dirty Filters
Changing the air filters is necessary to ensure your system’s optimum performance. If the air filters are not changed regularly it directly impacts the airflow and causes other major issues. Replace the filters every three months to prevent these situations from occurring.

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