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Heating Repair Service in Cypress, TX

Heating Repair Service In Cypress, Tomball, Houston, TX & Surrounding Areas

What Type Of Heater Problem Requires A Technician?

Heaters are an essential commodity during winter. Without a well-maintained heater, chances are your house will have uneven heating or can break down completely. Call Comfort Makers LLC. for the Best Heating Repair Service In Cypress, TX, And Surrounding Areas.

If you’ve noticed a problem with your heater, you might debate calling your technician for heater repair. 

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Problems that Require a Professional

  • Wire Issues: With use, the wires inside a heater can suffer from wear and tear. This can fray the wires connecting the external power source to the internal heating mantle. While DIY videos available for this sound simple, they can cause more harm. An incorrectly placed wire can destroy your entire unit and may end up requiring replacement.
  •  Blown Fuse Or Tripped Breaker: If the blower in your heater is overworked due to an incorrect power supply, the furnace will automatically trip a circuit. You can most easily solve this problem, but the harm is that it doesn’t change the problem’s root cause. If the power supply isn’t tuned properly, you’ll end up with a blown fuse.
  • Water Dripping: Water drips can be due to incorrect water draining or due to a leak in the pipes. While the answer sounds simple: replace the pipe, it isn’t the heater connected to an electric supply. If the water dripping touches an open wire, the heater can shock any person who touches it.
  • Unusual Smell: If you’ve noticed your heater giving out an odd smell, then it is a cause of concern. Statistically, the unusual smell is usually due to a leakage in the gas pipe. With the smallest spark, this can easily set the heater aflame.

For heater repair, the best option is always the simplest: call a technician. They’re trained to detect and solve heater problems efficiently. We recommend calling Comfort Makers LLC. With over five years of experience, they’re the best in providing long-lasting and affordable heating repair services.

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