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All About Installing A New Furnace

When we think of furnace installation in Cypress, we imagine the stress, mess, and time taken during the installation process. Many owners tend to continue using their old furnace system to avoid dealing with the problems of installing a new furnace. However, if you choose the right company and contractor, you will not be caught in the chaos.

Before contacting a company for installation, you should know what happens during the process. Getting an idea about the whole procedure helps reduce the fear of the unknown. This guide shall take you on the journey of a virtual installation of your new furnace.

The Time Needed For Installation
If you randomly ask someone regarding the time taken to install a new furnace in a residential home, the answer would be 4-8 hours. This answer excludes the time needed for modifications in the ductwork and gas line if needed. However, you should not just stop here. You should know all the steps involved in the installation to help you face any unknown hurdles better.

Measurements And Modifications

When you buy clothes for yourself, you check the size. Similarly, when you purchase a new furnace for your home, you need to check the size. Furnaces come in different sizes to suit all types of houses. The company you select for furnace installation in Cypress will take detailed measurements of your home to offer you the best furnaces.

If you think that buying a furnace with no measurements will not have any side effects, that is false. Your wrong-size furnace may create problems with blower fan, airflow, and short cycles, which will reduce the lifespan of your furnace, increase your bills, and provide less comfort.

After the sizing and measurements, your company will check the ductwork and gas lines for modifications. If you want to have a ‘smart’ furnace that you can operate through phone apps, you will need new electrical lines. If your current ductwork does not match with your new furnace, you will have to get them modified as per the new furnace. If you install a furnace and an air conditioner together, it will need more time and more modifications.

Installing The Furnace

The company you choose for installing will give you a brief of the installation process and prepare the area beforehand. You need not worry about the details regarding removing an old furnace and installing a new one. After the installation finishes, the company shall clean the area and inform you about how the furnace works.

Testing The New Furnace

Once the technicians leave your home, test your furnace and check its efficiency. If you notice any unusual activity, like short cycling, unwanted sounds or odor, or water dripping from walls, contact your contractor immediately and let them know about this.

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