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How Do You Reset Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Facing problems with your air conditioner is never good news. Finding out the issue is a meticulous process, and then you have to contact a professional to take a look at the problem and service your air conditioner.
But it is not very cumbersome because nowadays you can find technicians very easily; give a call to an air conditioning service in Cypress and ask them to check your air conditioner.

Do You Need Repair or Reset?

All air conditioning issues do not require repairing. Some can be solved by just resetting your air conditioner. Be it a certain unit of the AC, or the whole system, this turning off and on method works for both. You might wonder why you need to reboot the system instead of repairing it. Here are some reasons:

  • Your air conditioner could be having minor problems.
  • The circuit could be faulty.
  • The cooling is not regular.

These issues can be easily fixed by rebooting your unit.

Resetting Your AC With The Reset Button

Some air conditioners come with a reset button. This makes the process of reset quick and easy.

  • If you are unable to find the button, check the AC manual and locate it.
  • Next, unplug the unit. After some 15 to 20 seconds, stick it back in.
  • Now, press on the reset button for a few seconds, and then release it. If the system doesn’t restart, repeat the process.

If your air conditioning system still doesn’t pick up, you should go for a technician. By contacting AC maintenance Cypress TX, you can book an appointment for the tune-up.

What if There is No Reset Button?

Not all models come with a reset button, so follow the given steps to reboot your air conditioner.

  • Turning Off

Turn off your AC unit before you start working on it. Also, make sure to switch your thermostat off before turning off the air conditioner.

  • Circuit Breaker

Look for your circuit breaker next. After you find it, turn it off too. Usually, they are placed in basements and closets.

  • Let it Cool

Now that you have unplugged all the necessary units, let it cool. Wait for a minute or two before you plug it back in. There might be a few fluctuations in the other parts of your house due to this process, so take all precautionary measures.

  • Switch it on

After the unit picks up, carefully switch the thermostat on too. Set the right temperature you want and wait for some time before the unit begins working. If your air conditioner still doesn’t function properly after the reset, it is better to contact a professional. Lookup for an air conditioning service in Cypress and get an appointment with a technician.

We can help you in tuning up your air conditioner. To get the best air conditioner services, look for AC maintenance in Cypress, TX, or call us at (281) 861-0160.